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China's independent innovation million-kilowatt nuclear power plant started in 2014

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Eighteen are attending the 12th largest in the nuclear group chairman , Sun Qin , general manager of this evening revealed that China is fully independent innovation, with independent intellectual property rights of million-kilowatt nuclear power plant is expected to start construction in 2014 .

For Sun Qin did not disclose the specific address , but he said , certainly not inland . All nuclear power plants "Twelve Five" period are in coastal construction , while in the interior construction of the feasibility assessment of water resources such as how kind , how better to take emergency measures in the event of problems. Construction of the future will gradually inland , but only the specific job requirements , there is no timetable .

"Is not a technical problem , a problem of public opinion , because the people there is acceptance of the inland construction process ." Said Sun Qin , also inland nuclear power plants abroad , in theory there is no essential difference.

Sun Qin said, this is a type of nuclear reactor , and China Guangdong Nuclear cooperation, mainly in the nucleus , China Guangdong Nuclear participate. This unit has basically been NNSA identified that are consistent with the international advanced level , but also by the National Energy Board to give the first stack support , has also been praised by international peers .
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