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The National Energy Bureau formulated "quality supervision system of electric power engine

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To strengthen the power of Engineering Quality Supervision and management, and promote the healthy development of power industry, the National Energy Bureau recently formulated the "quality supervision system of electric power engineering adjustment scheme", (hereinafter referred to as the "project"). "Plan" pointed out, the engineering quality supervision is a basic system of quality management in construction of our country, the important means of industrial management and government departments.

"Program" provides electric power engineering quality supervision work mainly in thermal power, nuclear power and other power transmission project (with the exception of hydropower and renewable energy) supervision of the quality of concrete engineering.

"Program" clearly, the quality of electric power engineering supervision work should adhere to the "independent, standardized, fair and open" principle, the rules and regulations, standardize the work flow, improve the means of detection, strict quality control points, earnestly carry out the work of supervision and inspection.

The working mechanism includes the establishment of the Commission for quality supervision and management of electric power engineering, responsible for major matters of the decision-making. The management committee consists of office as specific offices. The specific scheme shall be separately formulated. Electric power engineering quality supervision institutions "- Central Station - station project" three level management system. The terminal is located at the China Federation of electric power enterprises; the center of unified planning by the terminal, the corresponding mechanism can be linked to power in the above scale enterprises; the project should be to meet the prescribed conditions, according to the provincial or professional settings.
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