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Electric power informatization is an important support for the development of smart grid

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With the increasing application demand of smart grid and the unceasing expansion of network scale, the power system informatization has become an important support to escort the smooth development of smart grid.

Electric power information technology to enhance the operation reliability of power network

Through the application of a series of information communication technology, electric power network smart grid, this new generation can achieve energy efficient transmission from end to end users, power allocation, management and control tasks, the whole process of power resources, power customer, power assets, operators of power and power trading industry chain continuous monitoring, using "on demand" information to improve the reliability of the power grid and the Power Grid Corp's management level, work efficiency and service level.

Compared with the traditional power grid, smart grid can be further expanded the scope and degree of grid monitoring. Through the integration of all kinds of management information and real-time information, can provide more comprehensive, detailed grid state view of power grid operation and management personnel. At the same time, through the further optimization and analysis of electric power business, real-time information and management information system can be interactive exchange and business decision information, so as to promote the realization of the operation and management of power grid enterprises more sophisticated and intelligent.

Notable is, in the construction and application of smart grid, intelligent information network will play a very important role in power systems, information security is the basic guarantee for the construction and application of smart grid.

In addition, component of the smart, professional intelligence and network intelligence are the three major components of the future development of smart grid. The component of the smart, refers to somewhere in the independent complete a functional element and with embedded chip equipment; the so-called professional intelligence, namely professional intelligent or a system of intelligent, which consists of several components and systems to automate certain specific functions of a system or professional. The so-called network intelligent (or business intelligence), is standing in the enterprise development goals and strategic height, real-time management supply chain or industry chain (power flow), the implementation of electric power production management and control of the whole process. These contents, intelligent and informational construction of the power grid, will play an important role in supporting.

Power grid GIS power grid geospatial platform intelligent control

An important part of power system information intelligent control and management is to achieve a unified standard and resource sharing. Among them, the grid GIS geospatial platform includes four parts platform management tool, grid resource management, grid pattern of spatial information service, the typical application framework. GIS geospatial platform adopts vector position mark, a query location, vector graphics, thematic map, spatial analysis, topology analysis and other service functions. On the substation, transmission lines, distribution lines, big marketing subscriber station relevant data can be in accordance with the standard template system. Through the distribution network equipment association to carry out GIS platform and PMS system, the relevant professional application system can send data to the GIS platform, and GIS platform graphics related data from the GIS platform.

Implementation of system integration and information exchange network GIS geospatial platform and network planning, production management, marketing management, asset management, scheduling management, emergency command, vehicle management system, so as to realize the information resource interdisciplinary, cross system sharing dreams. PMS and OMS based application system will be sent to the GIS platform, not only can obtain the GIS platform graphics information, can also get OMS or PMS related data, providing geographic service for spatial information and grid resource graphics pipe, and improve service visibility, practicality.

Smart grid is an important direction of the IOT application

As everyone knows, the smart grid construction is an important application area, Internet of things technology corresponding, smart grid will become a powerful driving force pulls the animal networking industry even the whole communication industry development, and will have profound impact, promote the application of Internet of things in other industries, thus greatly improve the level of information on many aspects of China's industrial production and public life.

In network architecture, network layer can continue to use the technology of IP system, using IP technology to carry. In perception layer, from the current technological development point of view, can adopt two different technical routes, one is the non IP technology, such as ZigBee industry alliance developed ZigBee protocol; the other one is IETF and the IPSO industry alliance will be initiated by the IP technology applied to the sensing layer extends downward extension.

Obviously, uses the IPv6 technology, will help the business to deploy and manage the implementation of end to end, and without the need for protocol conversion can be realized and the seamless connection between the network layer of IP bearing, simplify the network structure, and Internet application based on TCP / IP protocol stack development can also conveniently transplantation, so as to realize "the ubiquitous network business, be equal to anything".

IPv6 is the core of the next generation network, all the countries in the world attach great importance to research on IPv6 technology. Network access IP address service through the IPv6 for each link and the massive equipment in smart grid provides, such as a large number of substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, big marketing user station, will bring far-reaching influence and significant to the construction of smart grid.
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