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Smart grid construction opportunities spawned trillion

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From 2011 to 2015, China will be committed to the comprehensive construction "unified strong smart grid", this is a huge project will bring trillions of yuan business opportunities in the next 10 years. This is the reporter from November 11th 2012 smart grid tour Forum meeting was informed that the chengdu.

According to the China State Grid Corp of planning, "1025" period will be in intelligent building investment 286000000000 yuan, in 2012 will build 17 smart grid demonstration project, 163 charger converter station and 910 AC charging piles, 1329 intelligent substation, intelligent substation 132 renovation, construction of distribution automation system in the promotion of the 26 provincial companies, construction 8 provincial smart grid dispatching technical support system, application of 37000000 intelligent electric energy meter.

Our province has great potential for the construction of smart grid. "Last year, the only power investment in Sichuan and Jiangsu two provinces more than 10% of the total investment of the China State Grid Corp." Chang Xiaoqing vice president Sichuan Electric Power Research Institute said, according to the current average annual investment of 300000000000 yuan to calculate, the country over the next 10 years if it continued to maintain this trend, the investment number.

In the construction of smart grid, Sichuan has the potential to be tapped. In the UHV construction, our province has become the main battlefield of UHV power transmission construction "". 4 special high-voltage direct current transmission line state grid in Jianhe built in southern Hami, in addition to Xinjiang - Zhengzhou + 800000 volt high-voltage DC transmission project, the remaining 3 are the origin of sichuan. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, our province will also be based on the new Jinping - South of Jiangsu, Xiluodu in West Zhejiang two ± 800000 volts DC high voltage engineering, speed up the construction of the Ya'an Wannan 1000000 volt high-voltage AC power transmission project.

Also can promote the new energy power grid development of intelligent power grid construction. At the national renewable energy center "2012 renewable energy data handbook" in 2011, Sichuan wind power generation 50000000 kwh, wind power accounts for 0.02% years on grid electricity, PV cumulative installed capacity of 2 MW, compared with other provinces and cities, new energy power generation very little, so far there is no large-scale grid connected photovoltaic power generation project.

Provincial Power Company relevant responsible person said, at present, the provincial power companies to build and reform a number of smart substation, in Chengdu, Mianyang built electric vehicle charging station 7, post 710, the province's new and replacement of smart meter 7300000, Chengdu, Mianyang 3 intelligent small area 2580 users have begun to intelligence grid experience.

Provincial power company has Leshan was chosen to carry out the smart grid demonstration area construction projects, a total investment of over 150000000 yuan, the intelligent substation, intelligent community, FTTH has already started, is expected to be completed in 2014.
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