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Qingdao ShuangYuan electrical installation Co.,LTD.

Installation Co., Ltd. Qingdao Double source of power in April 27, 2011 formally established. The existing staff of 62 people, with two professional construction team, is a manufacturer of high and low voltage power distribution equipment, high and low voltage electrical engineering and construction, installation and maintenance business.

Company under the General Office, Ministry of Finance, Technology, Engineering, Purchasing Department. Office is responsible for the company's general affairs, personnel services; Finance Department is responsible for financial operations; technical department responsible for the company's production plans and technology; various engineering departments and the team responsible for the project under assessment survey, design, budget, construction, quality maintenance and other professional services; purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of raw materials.

Year the company engaged in electric power engineering, installation, repair work, and actively participate in the new rural construction Pingdu into rural power grids, high voltage line construction work. Extensive experience in the field of electrical engineering, making the company has outstanding performance in undertaking all types of electrical engineering projects, has won high praise from customers. We sincerely Xiangyao our customers to build a good long-term strategic partnership, joint development, win-win future!

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