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1 . Strict accordance with the requirements to provide compliance with the design standards of acceptable quality products.
2 strict inspection and control of raw materials , components, spare parts into the plant quality.
3 . Ensure that the process for improving equipment , detection means complete, the product is not shipped with defects .
4 of aspects of supply, quality, equipment performance, technical interfaces , services, and other issues involving subcontractors full responsibility.
5 of quality defects that occur during the manufacturing equipment in a timely manner to inform the user or supervision on behalf of , do not hide . If equipment defects exceeding the prescribed standards , our unconditional replacement .
6 In the process of installation and commissioning , equipment quality problems , deal with the problem first , and then clearly define the responsibilities , all to satisfy the need for progress criteria.
7 In the unpacking process, if found parts missing pieces and other causes of loss, is responsible as soon as we filled in the missing parts free .
8 in equipment installation, commissioning process and the future operation of the equipment found quality problems, such as the case of our reason , we will be on the user requirements for equipment for a free replacement, repair , until the user satisfaction .

Island dual-source Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2004 by the CCC China Compulsory Certification, and access to the Chinese national compulsory product certification to ISO quality management system certification in 2012.
Establish and improve the quality system, so that our quality management level has been a fundamental change - from the "rule of man" to change the current "rule of law." In the actual operation of the quality system, we will focus on the design of effective operation control, process control, and after-sales service control, while enhancing the quality supervision and inspection and prevention system and the kind of products, stressing the effective operation of the quality system eventually settled points on improving the products quality.

Over the years, the company's top leadership has been the product quality as a central priority, depending on the product quality as enterprise life. "Quality revitalization outline" of the State Council (1996-2010) The promulgation and implementation of our quality management pointed out the direction of conduct factory quality management program, requiring cadres and workers to firmly establish the "quality first" concept to enhance the quality of competition conscious, active market-oriented, user acceptance, social and government oversight, and actively carry out "turn, strengthening management skills, increase efficiency", "quality plant" and other activities, and strive to improve the products quality, establish and improve business quality assurance mechanisms.

People-oriented, strengthen training and education to improve the quality of personnel. Over the years, we have actively taken "within the education, foreign culture," etc., on-site operator training. Strengthen theoretical study and professional knowledge, and strict examination, examination certificates, so that "posts, machines, given people", we put forward the "next process is the procedure of the user" slogan, so that each operation who stood on the "user" position processing, shorten the "dry" and "use" the gap, and then the production team needs to combine market and users to communicate and enhance the quality control team conscientiousness, responsibility and a sense of crisis.

Implement the "five prohibitions", "three left off" project goals, strengthen quality control processes, in terms of the quality control process, we actively implement the "five prohibitions", "three left off" the target project , "five are not allowed," namely: "substandard equipment purchased up storage, substandard equipment is not put into semi-finished products do not fail to order, substandard parts not fitting, substandard products do not sell." ; "three left off," namely: "can not find the quality of the responsibility to live, and the reason is unclear miss, miss no improvements." "Five are not allowed", promotion and implementation of the "three left off" the target project, the company's products from the implementation of inter-related control all aspects of procurement, production and processing, the final product factory, so as to ensure that the product physical quality. For quality problems seriously analyze the causes and take effective corrective and preventive measures, and to track the implementation and validation, to eliminate and prevent the recurrence of similar problems. Since the introduction and implementation of the "five prohibitions", "three left off" since the goal of the project, the products quality has been significantly improved.

Increase the "hardware" investment. In achieving effective control of the process, "man, machine, material, method," in five areas, production equipment, testing equipment to measure the formation and implementation of the physical quality of the product intrinsically linked. To comprehensively improve products quality, based on the transformation of the original equipment, increase the pace of upgrading equipment, the company has introduced the world's advanced level of CNC shearing, and punching, bending, cutting, busbar processing machine Portable busbar processing machines and other equipment. Greatly improving the processing level, to improve the products quality has laid a solid foundation.

We insist on the implementation of total quality management and deepen adhere to improve and refine the quality system. Through scientific and technological development and improve the quality of management, so that products continue to meet customer needs, to enable enterprises to maintain a strong momentum for sustainable development!

In order to meet specific user requirements for quality products and better services to users, according to the company's "Quality Management Manual", "Quality System Program Files", we have developed a practical and effective quality control procedures in detail, which is controlled by specific the following components:

a, contract review control

b, product design control

c, product process design control

d, procurement process control

e, production process control

f, product inspection and control

g, sales and service control

The pursuit of excellence is our ideal, customer satisfaction is our aim. We will always be committed to make the normal effectively by continuously improve the quality system to ensure and improve product quality.

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