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Qingdao ShuangYuan Electrical Equipment Co.,LTD.

Qingdao dual-source Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the 20th with offices in Santa Fe Road and street Pingdu Qingdao, Shandong Province, the annual output value of more than 2000 million, has a team of engineering and technical personnel for the pilot, continue to forge ahead, good Seizing an opportunity, innovative workforce.

Strong technical force, improve the management system, strict quality control, various types of experiments, run tests, tests of finished equipment supervision in place to ensure the safety of our products and reliable quality, good operating performance, by the unanimous majority of new and old customers praise. The company has received civilized enterprises, high-tech enterprises and provincial contract and trustworthy enterprises. Through the first national CCC compulsory certification and PZ30, GG1, GGD2, XL, GCK, MNS, SY-DRG, JP cabinets and other low-voltage power distribution panel quality certification; obtain ZBW box-type substation CQC voluntary certification in 2005 and high pressure KYN28-12 certificate; obtained in 2007 35KV high-voltage distribution cabinet KYN61-40.5 Certifications, access to quality management system certification and bidding Member State Grid certificate in 2012, obtained HXGN-12 (ZF in 2013 ) / 630-20 certificate HXGN-12 (ZF.R) / 125-31.5 certificate.

Our main products are high-voltage electrical appliances, high and low voltage electrical voltage switchgear, substation, armored away metal-enclosed switchgear, DC panel, integrated automation background computer monitoring system, a variety of low-power (lighting) and distribution box various distribution console, remote electrical installations industrial operations, electrically adjustable equipment. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the "customer first" business purpose, all the user needs to work as a starting point and companies. To the user regardless of size, do not count distance services, real company into user trust companies. All work service users. The company has always adhered to the "quality of life, the user is God," the guiding ideology, the implementation of "customer satisfaction" and organizations, the establishment of a new product development center, product design CAD centers, product testing room, independent research and undertake low voltage switch equipment development, from ordering, procurement to production, processing, assembly, until the product is shipped, Cengcengbaguan strict security product quality.

We will be the best quality, competitive price, do good service, to provide customers with a variety of appropriate electrical equipment you need for your tailored celibacy custom!  

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